The Secret Bars Of Halifax

Are you looking for that one bar that’s so ‘cool’ no one has ever heard of it? I was looking for one but found four. Not only are these bars obscure but they are hard to see from the street, if not impossible. So cool no one has heard of them? Check. Have no idea how to find them? Check. Here’s our list of Halifax’s best secret bars.  

Noble — This bar is so secret it has a password. Tell a server at The Middle Spoon the password, and you’ll be whisked down some stairs, through a kitchen, down a hallway, through a door, and then another hall to Noble. This speakeasy has fancy cocktails and top-shelf liquor as well as chic music and low light, making you feel like you’re drinking in the 1920’s. How do you get the password you ask? I can’t tell you.

Red Stag Tavern — Because this bar is hidden inside the Brewery Market and surrounded by Canada’s oldest brewery, it’s hard to find unless you’re looking for it. This homage to a classic English pub is complete with wood floor and brick walls. There is a live band on Friday, DJ on Saturday and as much pride of Nova Scotia as you can drink. And once you’re done, you can stagger out to the cobblestone streets of the market and pretend like you’re in the Old Country. Kind of.

Black Sheep — It’s another restaurant on this list that is hard to find unless you’re looking for it. This chic spot serves up fresh cocktails and craft beer but where they shine are their serious burgers and sweet brunches. Better be safe and order both.

The Drawing Room — This place is so secret it doesn’t even have a website. Only open two nights a week, the Drawing Room is where you go to sink into some big chairs and catch up with old pals. Grab your favourite Scotch and pretend you’re more exquisite than you are. And if you’re hungry, slide down the stairs to The Henry House for a burger.