Halifax’s Best Running Club

If you find yourself at Point Pleasant Park on a Saturday morning, you may see some people (okay, lunatics) running fast. You’ll hear them wheezing, coughing, and cursing under their breath before you see them. They’ll storm by you, weaving and dodging you and the other early morning walkers and their dogs. Up ahead, they’ll stop for a thirty seconds, or maybe a minute, then take off again. You’ll continue walking, a little startled and stunned with what you witnessed, unsure if they are running for fun or because they are a bit crazy. The answer is a little of both.

If you didn’t see their shirts, they are the Halifax Road Hammers. And they are Halifax’s fastest running club.

Founded by coach Lee McCarron in 2015 as a group of 10 dedicated runners, the club has grown to two groups of over 100 runners. With the focus of the club placed solely on the process of getting better rather than results, athletes show up at practice and focus on running. The runners all adopt this mindset and reinforce the philosophy. This lets the focus remain is on improving oneself and each other, while leaving competition at the door. One of the highlights in the clubs short history came in 2016 when it received Canadian Running’s Golden Shoe Award as the country’s top running club.

As the club continues to grow, they’ve split into two groups, a performance group, and a developmental group, to ensure both efficient coaching and the best results possible. If you’re interested in Saturday morning tempo runs, meeting great people, and shattering your PB’s, check out the Halifax Road Hammers’s website to learn more.