Why You Need To Sell Your Toronto Condo And Move To Halifax

Halifax is a city on the rise, and most importantly, a city where starter homes sell for starter prices.For those living in Canada’s most densely populated areas like Toronto, tough decisions need answers when purchasing a home. Should you sacrifice space for convenience while taking on a large mortgage? Or should you move further away from major cities and commute to work while taking on less debt? There is another option which begs for more consideration – move to a new province where home prices are more reasonable. With recent changes to mortgage rules, regional differences in price have never been more relevant.

In July 2017, the average price of a house in the Halifax-Dartmouth region was just shy of $300,000. By comparison, the average price in Vancouver was $1,030,000, for the Greater Toronto area it was $748,000, and $380,000 in Montreal. Whether it is your first purchase or your forever home, more house for less money is hard to argue. And when you add up all that the Halifax-Dartmouth region has to offer, this might be one of Canada’s best-kept secrets.

Halifax has all the perks of a big city; a diverse shopping experience, a plethora of fantastic restaurants, excellent schools and a slew of outdoor activities. Built around the Halifax Citadel—a military structure predating confederation—it is a city steeped in history, tradition, and culture. Its convenient location on Canada’s Eastern Coast is perfect for any explorer. Drive a few hours, and you can be in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, or even cross the border into the United States. Opposite the harbour sits the quaint city of Dartmouth, for those, who long for a slower pace in direct proximity to big-city amenities.

In Dartmouth, you will find beautiful houses at affordable prices, located on large lots and in quiet family-friendly neighbourhoods. Planning to work in Halifax? Not a problem! Imagine commuting to Halifax in under fifteen minutes while your children can walk to lakes where they can swim in the summer and play hockey in the winter. Best of all, a twenty-minute drive takes you to white, sandy beaches, and perfect ocean views.

The Halifax-Dartmouth region offers the best of both worlds; the excitement of big-city living along with the serenity of cottage country. Given that Canadians are free to live and work in the province of their choice, there are plenty of reasons to choose Nova Scotia as the place to lay down new roots.