Nova Scotia: Get Ready For The “Bomb Cyclone”

With the “bomb cyclone” steadily approaching, many Nova Scotians have already scoured the aisles of local department stores for resources; specifically lanterns, flashlights, batteries, kerosene, and water.

The typical storm preparation site will recommend preparing for 72 hours of independent living. Lots of canned food, pasta, soup, dry food, and meals that can be cooked with a barbeques, propane burner, gas stove, or anything powered by a generator. In municipalities with pressurized water systems, there can be less of a concern for stocking up on water; however, eliminating the risk is more prudent.

With generators in particular, not everyone has one installed for home backup or do they want one lying around the garage. However, when the lights go out and you can’t power your information source, like your phone and computer, or cook food, many will scratch their heads and consider the investment. For an idea of what portable versus installed generators cost, good ol’ Costco has you covered!

Storm readiness or precautionary household measures should entail parking as far away as possible from trees or other potential projectiles. With strong winds, it’s obvious to assume many branches will be coming down. Moving garbage cans, recycling bins, and barbecues inside or strapping them down will help minimize or eliminate damage. Salt your front step and walking paths to avoid slipping when the freezing rain hits, avoid driving if possible, and beware of flash flooding due to tidal surges.

Plug your phones, computers, lanterns, rechargeable batteries in while you can, because there is no saying when the power will go out and how long it will remain down. Be sure to stay in touch with friends during the storm because you never know when you may need to bunk somewhere with power!

Here are some helpful sites to monitor throughout the storm:

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