The Best Team Building Activity In Halifax

Corporate team building activities suck most of the time. It could be a game where you sit in a circle. Maybe it’s a scavenger hunt. Or could be both (the worst kind). In Halifax, a new activity has started to emerge that has redefined team building. No, it isn’t axe throwing (too expensive) or bouldering (too dangerous) or a paint night (too tacky). It’s escape rooms (just right!).

If anything helps build camaraderie, it’s trying to escape a 10×10 foot room decorated as a jail cell with the people you work with. And unless you can work together to break the room’s riddles, puzzles, and traps, you might stay there for good. I know this sounds like a nightmare, though it isn’t.

In these small cramped rooms, you’re going to work on your communication skills, task delegation, and creative thinking. It will provide the opportunity to practice your soft skills in a real-world environment. Escape rooms are also going to pull everyone out of their comfort zone, forcing them to think on their feet and use their hands to solve problems.

Leadership traits will shine through in these situations. While the clock ticks down and sweat drips from everyone’s neck, underlying leadership skills of all those involved emerge. Managers will find this time used to learn about their employees and how they handle problem-solving and performing under pressure. Employees will use this time to show off their skills and make good impressions.

And lucky for both manager and employee, Halifax has many options to cater towards the corporate crowd. You can take your pick from the list below.

So take the plunge. Lock yourself in a room with your co-workers and see what happens. Flex your problem-solving muscles, impress your boss, and show everyone you deserve that promotion.