The Best Space Saving Furniture In Halifax

Using space efficiently is a form of art. Though it is not easy, you can drastically change living areas by analyzing what you have, adjusting your lifestyle, and adapting your furniture purchases accordingly. This is especially true if you live in a small space. Nothing helps a studio or one-bedroom condo feel larger than buying functional furniture that works well while saving space.

We scoured the internet and found the must-have space-saving furniture for every room. You can click on the photo to see the online store where you can purchase the item (or ones like it)!

Buckle up; we have space to save!

Furniture For Your Bedroom

An easy tactic to find extra space is to think vertically. Instead of searching horizontally, begin to factor in the vertical footprint furniture offers (or doesn’t). A great place to start is platform beds. These functional pieces of furniture make it seem like you are sleeping on a cloud while providing built-in drawers. Win-win!

A modern bed, complete with lots of storage

Norristown Storage Platform Bed by Anderson Mills

Our favourite is the Norristown Storage Platform bed because of its six drawers on each side. The model comes in charcoal, black, or cherry and is available in three different sizes. It also ships for free from Wayfair.

A resourceful modern shelf

Giralot by ResourceFurniture

Keeping with the trend of thinking vertically, we want to introduce you to the Giralot. This is a serious space saver. Each unit rotates 180 degrees, offering hidden storage for just about anything, including clothes, towels, and shoes. When not in use, the boxes stay flush against the wall. These features are Italian-made and are available through Resource Furniture.

Space-Saving Pieces For Your Living Room

A white coffee table

A storage coffee table available at Structube

Much like the platform bed, being efficient with space requires thinking creatively. Let me introduce the FENTON Storage Coffee Table. On the outside, it is an unassuming living room centrepiece. The inside, however, has space to store TV remotes, magazines, books, and whatever else you need in a living room. We love this one from Structube because of the smooth, scissor-lift top that can raise and lower.

A floating wall mounted desk

Sequel Wall-Mounted Floating Desk by BDI

Instead of finding for space vertically, you can opt to leave walls bare to provide a pure, clean experience that declutters both your room and your mind.  The Sequel Wall-Mounted Floating Desk does this perfectly. Unlike traditional office desks, this feature provides nothing above or below the surface. What’s left are clean walls that makes the entire room feel spotless and straightforward, all while providing ample working space.

There are many options available on the market to fit different spaces though we like the three-colour approach that Sequel offers. You can find our pick and more variations on

Modern light fixture available on Amazon

Globe Electric Kearney 6-Light Foldable Track Lighting Kit available on Amazon

One overlooked aspect of space management is lighting features. Classical light fixtures like faux-chandeliers and standing lamps can subtly intrude on space, creating a claustrophobic and cluttered feel in a room. Track lighting quickly solves this problem. These features are easy to find, easier to install, and quickly make your living area feel like a chic Brooklyn loft. On Amazon, you can see the Globe Electric Kearney 6-Light Foldable Track Lighting Kit 4-Light LED Adjustable Track which will provide flexible and adaptive lighting. Though many options exist online, this is our favourite because of the straightforward installation, classic design and its availability with Prime.

White, stackable modern stools

Stackable Modern White Metal Bar Stool by Baxton Studio

If you live in a bachelor or small one-bedroom unit, seating for guests can be a problem. Thank goodness the people at Baxton Studio saw this issue and provided a solution. These stackable bar stools can work in a living room or kitchen setting, and offer flexible seating that is storable when not in use. These functional pieces come in different colours in sets of two or four. You can find out more on

Making Your Small Bathroom Feel Big

An over-the-toilet shelf

Frankston Over the Toilet Storage Shelf by Latitude Run

Continuing the trend of thinking vertically, we found a way to reclaim the space above your toilet. This Frankston Over-The-Toilet Shelf stands five-and-a-half feet tall and features two fixed shelves to help tidy up your bathroom.

Electric towel rack

Flat Bar on Bar Towel Rail by Hudson Reed

Nothing dampens spirits quicker in a bathroom than using a wet towel (pun intended). What if you found a space-saving rack that also made sure towels were always dry? Wouldn’t be amazing? Well, we have one for you. The Hydronic Towel Warmer towel rack sits flush against the wall and connects directly to your radiator, ensuring you never use a cold towel again. With over 75 different variations, you will be able to find the style, set-up, and colour that perfectly compliments your bathroom.

An Easy Way To Expand Your Kitchen

Over-The-Sink cutting board

Snow River Over the Sink Board with Stainless Steel Wire Basket

If your counter is small, we have this nifty little tool to help create space where there wasn’t any before. Introducing a cutting board that fits over your sink! It is two feet across which makes it perfect for most double sinks and features a built-in stainless steel strainer. Of all the options, the Snow River model is best, because of its durable finish to prevent would from splitting.