3 Easy Budget Updates For Your Bathroom In Halifax

Here at About Halifax, we like to find provide solutions to easy-to-solve problems. For example, we found the cheapest beer in Halifax and found ways to make your home smarter. Last week, we found ways to improve your kitchen on a budget. After looking at improving kitchens, we thought to keep the ball rolling on home improvement. Next on our list is the bathroom. Following the kitchen, the bathroom receives the largest benefits the from smallest improvements.

Stylish and updated bathrooms become more important if a house is preparing for sale. Because small improvements go a long way in a bathroom, a huge budget isn’t necessary to make huge improvements. We researched three easy-to-update bathroom features that fit into a weekend and add instant style appeal while potentially boosting resale value. They are available in Halifax, either instore online.

Upgrading Showerheads

A Rain Showerhead

Sometimes adding value to a bathroom is as simple as swapping sink faucets or towel racks. Replacing showerheads is an extremely simple and cost-effective way to improve the overall bathroom aesthetics. New showerheads, like a rain showerhead or low-flow showerhead, positively affect the showerer’s experience while easing the strain on the environment.

If you’re looking for a standard showerhead, check out the Moen Darcy Tub Shower Faucet. It is a Home Depot Eco Option and meets the Water Sense EPA criteria, which means it offers a reduced water flow that doesn’t impact the overall product. An overlooked benefit of this unit is the additional inclusion of a tub faucet and lever handle. An often overlooked benefit of buying a bundle of matching features rather than standalone units is that they add to the overall style and congruity of the bathroom. The brushed nickel on the Moen features pair well with similar finishes or works as a compliment in darker rooms.

For a more luxurious option, the Pfister Carnegie is a chrome rain showerhead that catches the eye of any bathroom guest. And yes, before you ask, it meets the Water Sense EPA criteria as well! Or if you’re looking for a budget option, Efficiency Nova Scotia will install a high-efficiency shower head for free! To learn more, check out their website here.

Rethinking Bathtubs

For the longest time, whirlpool tubs were the whose-who of bathroom fixtures. There was something so elegant, luxurious and somewhat bougie to come home and lounge in your personal hot tub. But no longer is that the case! Water-based jet tubs grow bacteria and air-jets are fragile, and both may require expensive bathroom remodelling, especially if you’re installing as part of a renovation. To add the same allure to your bathroom without the headaches, think of adding a soaker tub instead. Unlike standard and whirlpool models alike, these high-walled baths are over twice the height of traditional tubs, giving the user the ultimate opportunity to truly soak. How good will it feel to come home after a long day of work and be neck-deep in a bubble bath? Pretty good, we imagine.

Depending on the layout of your bathroom, a few options exist for soaker tubs. If your home has one full bathroom, you may opt for a soaker tub and shower combination. In most cases, you would simply buy a separate soaker tub and replace your existing tub unit. This allows the original shower system to remain entirely intact. However, if you’re bathroom has a separate walk-in shower or the particular bathroom doesn’t require a shower, things get fun. For bathrooms with lots of space, try this tub straight outta Instagram. Or if space is at a premium, try to find a ‘small tub’ that acts big, like this Kohler Greek 4-Foot Bath.

Embracing The Double Sink

A Floating Minimalist Vanity

Tenafly Double Wall Vanity Set

Like the soaker tub, adding a double sink brings a level of style and luxury that can increase the appeal and value of your house for a small initial investment. At one point, installing a vanity was an arduous task. Now, most units available instore come with sinks built in and only need attaching to the wall. Because of the presence of pipes and plumbing, however, they still most likely need professional installation.

In terms of style, Wayfair provides a bevy of vanities that will match any style or design your bathroom features. The Rigel Vanity features an integrated double sink, real oak wood, and a ceramic counter, all that contribute to the overall quality feel of the unit. Included in the list price is a matching vanity cupboard which adds extra storage. Or if you wanted to either instill or maintain a minimalist bathroom, check out the Tenafly Vanity. It is clean cut both in style and colour, making it blend seamlessly in a bathroom of a similar scheme. However, if the all-white style isn’t for you, they offer a variety of colours of the same unit. As About Halifax has noted before, furniture pieces that ‘float’ give an impression of taking less space than they actually do, which contributes to the minimalist appeal and feeling.