Introducing The Coffee Can Café : Halifax’s Newest Coffee Shop

Are your employees looking for a pick-me-up? Does 3 o’clock hit and office-wide energy levels plummet? Is your wedding next weekend and you wish you had the option to have premium coffee on-site? Do you ever wish you could summon a sweet hip trendy cafe to your office to collect cool points? Did you answer yes to one/two/three of these questions?

We can help.

Halifax’s newest, coolest, hippest, and future winner of ’The Coast’s Best Cafe’ isn’t in the North End. Well, it isn’t at this exact moment though it could be in 20 minutes. Yes, the new coffee kid on the block has wheels. The Coffee Can Café is a 5×10 foot tin can that towed by a truck. Today it’s on the Halifax waterfront today and at a wedding in Chester tomorrow. This mobile cafe can travel anywhere.

The Coffee Can Café in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Equipped with a rare lever espresso machine, this little machine pumps premium cappuccinos, espressos, lattes and whatever else co-owners Jon and Steve dream up.

For those unfamiliar with lever espresso, they can expect a lighter body with a bit less crema. With the trade-off comes a balanced taste that elevates individual flavors and notes. This style of the machine works with their coffee beans.

Since starting, they have experimented with Java Blend and Cortado Tasting Room beans, though they aren’t exclusive with any supplier. By continuing to change their supply, they can experiment to find types of roasts to compliment the unique espresso machine.

As the dog days of summer crawl into Nova Scotia, the Coffee Can is picking up steam. And though they have a full schedule, they have space for additional events. Get in touch to set up an office afternoon coffee party. Call us to make sure your festival attendees are buzzing or for a hole at your golf tourney. Yes, this coffee can can go anywhere.