Four Furniture Must-Haves For Succulent Lovers In Halifax

Have you recently noticed more plant pictures on social media? Or maybe an increase of floral patterns in your friend’s wardrobes? And no we are not talking about soon-to-be-legal marijuana. Rather, we are talking the succulent. This little, weird looking type of plant has become so hip it’s mainstream. This also means they no longer belong sitting at the back of your bookshelf. Yes, these little creatures are making their way to the spotlight of your living space because of how space-efficient they are, how easy they are to care for, and how utterly obscure they look.

At About Halifax, we saw this trend. After some research, we found the furniture market to display these crazy creations is slowly starting to match their availability, which means these plants no longer belong just on a shelf or windowsill. After combing blogs and online stores, we put together a list of our favourites, as they are all pieces either tie a room together or accent an already-beautiful space.

Terrarium Coffee Table

A Terrarium Coffee Table

Aldridge Terrarium Coffee Table

This coffee table allows you to show off your green thumb in a minimalistic way and unimposing way. The top and sides both feature lightly-brushed glass while air holes exist throughout, making this a perfect place for low-light succulents. The magnetic doors along the side make it easy to access, whether you are adding new plants or cleaning out the old.

A lighted succulent shelf

A lighted box which is perfect for displaying plants, including succulents

Illuminated Frame For Potted Plants This one-of-a-kind piece can help separate room, pull the room together, or merely act as a complimentary piece. Designed by Sweden’s Kauppi & Kauppi, this plant stand features three platforms, and a built-in LED light to keep your plants healthy and happy for a long time. Each unit is designed identically, meaning they can be combined to create a flush look on a wall or placed side-by-side with these subtlely-toned floor screens.

A terrarium-light combination

A lamp-turned-terrarium available on Etsy

Table Lamp Based-Terrariums There seems to be a theme of building terrariums into things. Well, here’s another for good measure. The minimalistic piece has a glass base which is perfect for a terrarium while the top is a handmade paper lampshade. The strategically-placed cord does not impose on the plants growing within the bottom of the lamp.

A succulent stand available at Ikea

A three-tied succulent shelf available at Ikea

SATSUMA Back to Ikea we go! No longer are your plants relegated to windowsills and bookshelves This three-level accessory provides added height for your house while adding a spice variety to your plants. The simple colour palette allows the focus to remain on the plants, regardless of if the piece resides in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

A natural-looking wood planter

An impressive wood plant that comes complete with bonsai

Dracena in Wooden Planter

Shipped directly from Wayfair, this bonsai stands 8 feet tall and features a base of reclaimed wood. The specific species of bonsai is a Dracaena, a hardy tree-sized plant with sturdy trunks and broad leaves. Because of its hardiness, this particular plant can go long periods without watering while thriving in minimal light. The overall style and design of the piece make it an excellent choice to act as a centrepiece or as a feature piece in a minimalism or simple-living set up.