6 Things Under $17 You Need From IKEA Halifax

Halifax. It is nearly time. We’re getting the call to the Majors. We’ve done our time and now, we get to reap the benefits. Yes, our IKEA is about to open. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I looked through the IKEA Catalog and found the 6 greatest things you need to buy. Some are neat. Some are tacky. And all of them are under $17.

Go withdraw $102 (plus HST) and get ready to roll. We have värdelösa saker to buy.

A colander from Ikea

KLOCKREN — Made entirely of silicon, this colander collapses and nicely fits small spaces. It’s super-chic muted grey colour goes well in both a modern kitchen and one with a more retro feel or something in between. And if you don’t know how to use a colander like me, it doubles as a strainer. $7.99 CAD

A chic squeegee from Ikea

LILLNAGGEN — This is a rich people toy, and it can be yours on the cheap! The Lillnaggen is completely useless and replaces only paper towel in your shower cleaning kit. That being said, guests will surely be impressed when they see it hanging your bathroom, as it acts as a testament to how much you care about the overall cleanliness of your shower. And if by some chance you need to make some extra cash, this Lillnaggen can double as your squeegee at red lights. $1.99 CAD

A butterfly decoration from Ikea

BJÖRNAMO — I’m not sure if björnamo is butterfly in Swedish or the name of an individual species. This two-tone wall decoration will remind you of simpler times of your childhood and will invoke a sense of calm throughout your living space. If you’re feeling overly ambitious, buy a few and make a whole kaleidoscope. $14.99 CAD

An artificial plant from Ikea

FEJKA — Finally, a plant that lives up to all of our unrealistic expectations. This circular plant looks like a goal post in Quidditch and can be used as a target for bottle caps or as part of a drone obstacle course. The best part of the plant is that it’s artificial so it won’t die. Take the money you would have spent on a plant babysitter and buy another Fejka. $9.99 CAD

A french press coffee maker from Ikea

UPPHETTA — Upphetta must be Swedish for knock-off Bodbum french press. That’s okay though, because for an affordable $9.99 you can have a deep and full tasting pot of coffee. The size of the pot makes the perfect amount to last a coffee addict an entire morning.While you’re at it, pick up some PÅTÅR espresso beans and revel in how good the coffee tastes. $9.99 CAD

A floor lamp from Ikea

LERSTA — This is perhaps the tallest thing you can buy for under $17. The Lersta is an imposing feature in your living room, acting as a guardian while keeping watch over you and your loved ones. And if you’re not into personifying your furniture, it is simply a nifty deal for under twenty bucks. $14.99 CAD