Prostly’s Guide To Nova Scotian Craft Beer

Prostly might be the greatest beer website you haven’t heard of. It’s a travel magazine that features locations throughout the world and everything they have to do with beer. As part of Canada 150 celebrations, they pulled together 150 breweries to visit in our great country. And lucky for us Nova Scotians, we were included!

To save you time, here are the Nova Scotian breweries featured on ‘150 Breweries To Visit During Canada 150’ as well as our beer recommendations.

2 Crows Brewing Co. — Located in downtown Halifax, 2 Crows Brewing focuses on one thing — making quality beer. They brew chic craft beer with quality in mind and are not afraid to experiment (i.e. their oat pilsner).  Be sure to visit the taproom where you can grab a pint and watch the brewers make beer before your eyes.

Our RecommendationInnisfree Rustic Farmhouse Saison

Good Robot Brewing Co.– They identify as Halifax’s most questionable brewery. And this is warranted. They make beers that are eccentric, experimental, untrue to style and downright weird. They also host obscure events, like silent reading nights and petting zoos. Celiac’s fear not, most of their beer is gluten-reduced.

Our Recommendation Goseface Killah Gose

North Brewing Co. — Are you craving some Belgian beer brewed in Nova Scotia? North Brewing has you covered. Purveyor’s of some of the finest Belgian beer in the country (not just Nova Scotia), you’ll find every selection from their taps is great. And because they love you so much, they have locations in both Halifax and Dartmouth!

Our Recommendation Priority Pale Ale

Unfiltered Brewing — This is Halifax’s bad boy/girl brewery. Though they are a little rough around the edges, they make phenomenal beer. Attached to the brewery is the aptly named Charmed School pub where you’ll find six or seven or eight of their beers on tap.

Our RecommendationTwelve Years To Zion DIPA

Hell Bay Brewing Co. — Situated two hours south of Halifax in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Hell Bay Brewing produces some traditional and some not-so-traditional beers. At the brewery, you can sample classic stalwarts like an English Ale as well as veer off the path with their Sour Apple Sour (made with yogurt!).

Our Recommendation Dark Cream Ale

Big Spruce Brewing Co. — Big Spruce Brewing offers a product that is unfiltered and unpasteurized which makes it unbelievably delicious. The slow-brewing process can take anywhere from 18 and 30 days which leaves a deep and full taste

Our RecommendationCereal Killer Oatmeal Stout

Boxing Rock Brewing Co. — Their beer is legendary. In their new 17 hectolitre brewhouse, they make some of the best beer in Nova Scotia. If you can’t make it to the brewery,  their beer is available at any NSLC throughout the province.

Our Recommendation The Vicar’s Cross Double IPA

Bad Apple Brewhouse — Located in the heart of the Annapolis Valley, Mosaic Brewing is putting Somerset on the map. As the smallest producing stand-alone brewery in the province, their line-up is impressive. The Box Cutter IPA might be the best brew produced in Nova Scotia

Our Recommendation Box Cutter IPA

Breton Brewing Co. — Named after the island resides on, Breton Brewing produces great beer. A lot of pride goes into their beer because every can is a homage to Cape Breton, where they believe greatness can come from the most unexpected of places.

Our RecommendationBlack Angus IPA

Tatamagouche Brewing — Operating in an old butcher shop, this family-owned brewery makes small batches of delicious organic suds. Their brewing skill has made them Nova Scotia’s annual representative at Canadian Brewing Awards which means they might need to buy a new shelf for their trophies.

Our Recommendation Deadeye DIPA