The Best Vegan Brunch In Halifax

It’s Sunday morning. You wake up with a dry-mouth and foggy-head, under a blanket of shame after a night of breaking glasses at The Seahorse. You need a fix and bacon won’t do. No, you’ve taken the vegan route and no matter how tempting breakfast meat is, you are committed. Not even this goliath of a hangover can make you stray. Thank goodness Halifax caters to both the vegan and hungover.

In no particular order, here are three vegan brunches to cure any Halifax-induced hangover.

Vegan Greasy Food

EnVie — Along with stalwarts like a traditional breakfast and classic hash, they also cater to the hungover with donair tacos, poutine, and double bacon cheeseburgers. I know what you’re thinking, those don’t sound vegan. By principle, they don’t have any animal products in-house, so anything that sounds non-vegan has been carefully constructed to taste like the real thing (even though it isn’t).

Vegan Burrito in Halifax

Healthy Vegan Food

Wild Leek — Free coffee with breakfast? Let’s do it! Stop reading the menu at ‘Nom’let with coconut bacon and get that. If that isn’t for you, check out the Huevos Rancheros, Apple Pie Pancakes, or the Breakfast Bowl. And if the hangover is bad, dive into their juice menu to find your fix (get the Tonic) and finish it off with their famous cupcakes.

Burrito Bowl in Halifax

Heartwood — This small-but-mighty menu hits all the marks, and though it isn’t exclusively vegan, there is the option. You can go hand-held with their Sunshine Burrito or use utensils like a grown-up and grab the scramble (made with eggs or tofu). And if you want to stray from that breakfast menu, the poutine is A+.