Look Out Halifax — Here Comes Arisu

Anyone who has lived west of the Maritimes, they most certainly have experienced the joy of cooking raw meat from the comfort of your table in a Korean restaurant. For those who have yet to experience the magic that is Korean Barbeque, get ready because you’re in for a treat. This unique style of cooking features thinly sliced marinated beef, chicken, and fresh veggies, all cooked at your table. This delicious and unique style cuisine has alluded Halifax until now.

Arisu is a Korean/Japanese style restaurant that includes a sushi bar, table hot pot, Korean BBQ done at the table, and hot pots. The different cuisines offered compliment each other well which provides a variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and different flavours from Southeast Asia. The other Arisu location is in Toronto, which makes it extra special that the second location will open in Halifax.

Arisu will take over the former Mongolie Grill’s location at the corner of Sackville and Granville.

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