Fall Activities In Nova Scotia

Well, here it is. Without even knowing it, those humid summer nights have slowly changed into brisk fall evenings. That late afternoon sun now comes a bit sooner, signalling the changing of the seasons. As everyone around you begins to lament the departure of the summer months, it’s time to set your sights forward on everything that autumn offers.

In Nova Scotia, the fall brings its own adventures. Thankfully, we at About Halifax made a list of the top three activities you need to try over the next few months.

Go Look At Leaves

No — it is fun! You get to sit in a car, listen to folk music and wonder how something that was once green could quickly turn red, orange and yellow. If you make it to the Wentworth Valley, you can spend time at the ski resort that shares the same name, riding the chairlift and observing the colours around you. You’ll also find a barbecue, petting zoos, and guided hikes. Learn more here!

Autumn in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Admire the colours of leaves during Celtic Colours

If you’re thinking of heading to Cape Breton, go straight towards ’The Trail’ for the Celtic Colours festival. Celtic Colours International Festival takes place over nine days in October, celebrating the unique culture of Cape Breton Island. With world-class concerts, interactive workshops, fine arts, and the famous Late Night Festival Club, the festival will fly by in a blur. The changing colours of the surrounding trees magnify the experience of this festival.

Go To The Beach

Did you know the warmest waters of the year occur in September and October? It’s true! Though you may not want to lay out on the beach with a beer, you won’t get hypothermia when you go for a dip. If you’re looking for a beach, we have you covered. Do make sure you bring a towel and a parka, because the air may be colder than the water.

Go Apple Picking

It’s time put on the Blundstones and skinny jeans, find your favourite flannel shirt and buy a down vest from Roots because you need to pick some apples. The thing about Nova Scotia orchards, is you don’t just pick apples. At the orchards, you’ll find corn mazes, goat rides, petting zoos, fresh vegetable stands and duck derbys. There 8 types of apples available in the province, as well as two varieties of pears. To find a list of orchards open to the public and what apples they offer, check Orange Pippin.