Seriously Easy Interior Upgrades From Urban Outfitters

It’s spring. Which means it’s time for spring cleaning. Hooray?

Did you know: the idea of spring cleaning comes from the 19th century. Before the invention of vacuum cleaners, dusting was the best way to clean a home. During early spring, it would be warm enough to open doors and windows without insects becoming an issue. Dust goes outside, and no bugs come inside. Easy. 200 years later, this tradition is somewhat still a thing.

Here at AboutHalifax, we wanted to take a different approach to this age-old tradition. Instead of breaking out mops and brooms, we think it’s easier to spice up the interior of your home and save the ’actual’ cleaning for another day. To give you a hand, we pulled five picks from Urban Outfitters. Who knew they sold hip things for your home?

Tiger Rug

Not only are tiger rugs expensive, they’re also tacky. Just kidding — real fur is bad and tigers are an endangered species. The next best thing though is a ridiculously-faux tiger print bath mat. This tiger mat is a super soft tufted cotton so you’re feet will stay toasty when hopping out of the shower. Or if tacky bath mats aren’t your thing, it can double as a tacky area rug. Your choice.

Extra Long Copper Firefly String Lights

With over 98 feet of copper wire, no wall stands a chance against the tiny LED lights. The lights extend off a copper wire and act as an elegant faux-curtain or something. In all seriousness though, this is a super-cost effective way to provide a covering for a large wall. These little bulbs throw quite a bit amount of light which will help cut down on your lamp budget. All this said, they seem like perfect toys for both little children and cats, so we do not recommend them for daycares or animal shelters.

Chelsea Double Scone

The barebones industrial-style light fixture fits surprisingly in many different house layouts and designs. For example, It provides structure and grounding for a more-farmhouse interior while offering a wall accessory that blends in a more contemporary layout. Our only dislike about this fixture is its cord, though plenty of DIY-guides exist online to help you hide them.

Modular Stacking Storage

Remember modular furniture? Us too. We like this piece because it’s painfully easy to stack and readjust, which lets it easily move throughout different rooms and spaces. This set offers three clean-looking boxes with clean lines, which are perfect for arranging and rearranging on a biweekly basis (or however often your OCD strikes). The set comes with two clips which prevent the boxes from shifting too much. Is there anything more you could ask for?

Chiyo Shelf

Sticking to a theme of modular furniture, this wall unit is perfect for just about any room. The three shelves have the option for six different heights, allowing for a variety of differently-sized items. In the kitchen? Spice rack. For the bathroom? A soap shelf. Maybe it finds a way to the bedroom? Make-up organizer. Most types of paint will adhere to the stainless-steel material, meaning that as your style and tastes change, so can the Chiyo Shelf. Like most modular furniture, the only limit is your imagination.