Best Airbnb’s In Halifax

Roughly five months ago, About Halifax declared it had found the five coolest AirBnb’s in the city. We were so confident in fact, we shut the book and closed the case. About Halifax prides itself on a standard of quality journalism which makes the next sentence so hard to write.

We made a mistake.

Though the Airbnb’s we profiled last year are cool, they are not the ’best’. After toiling how to redeem ourselves, the best course of action was to do the research (again), find the best properties (again), and share them with our loyal readers (again).

So without further adieu, we have researched and found the actual best properties available on Airbnb right now (in Halifax).

A loft condo in Halifax, Nova Scotia

An urban loft oasis in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Though some home buyers are starting to fall out of love, nothing beats crashing in a bright and airy space for a few days a year. This unit aptly called an ’urban oasis’ offers upscale loft accommodations without the downtown feel. The interior features a galley kitchen, vaulted ceilings and sleek concrete floors while the exterior highlights the best of the local neighbour, which includes quiet streets, towering trees, and quaint houses.

A modern Airbnb in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Two-tone wood in this modern three-storey house in Halifax, Nova Scotia

This Airbnb offers two bedrooms, an open living space, and wrap-around balcony looking over the street below. Over the units two floors, you’ll find a large kitchen, modern finishings, and concrete floors. Perhaps the coolest feature of this cool Airbnb however, is the bathroom.

Not only are there two shower-heads(!), but the floor is wood! One of the more overlooked features of a bathroom is the shower floor. Showering with a wooden floor makes the bathroom feel like a ski lodge in the winter and a sunny deck in the summer. We’re not saying its the best shower in Halifax but its close!

A modern Airbnb in Halifax, Nova Scotia

This ultra-stylish Airbnb can be yours in Halifax’s North End

This unit is a former Governor General’s Medals in Architecture winner and a sight to see. This ultra-chic, super modern space is clean, sophisticated and like nothing you’ve ever stayed in. The wraparound rooftop patio, European appliances, classic modern furniture, and proximity to good eats and drinks seal this unit as a must-visit space in Halifax.

A high-ceilinged Airbnb in Halifax, Nova Scotia

This Airbnb is reminiscent of a castle turret and is located above a distillery

Have you ever wanted to stay in a castle’s turret but unsure of how fulfilling this desire? We have you covered.

This new build in the ultra-trendy North End can comfortably sleep six over its two floors. Perhaps the coolest feature of this unit is its location directly above a distillery. You don’t even need to take your slippers off to check out Halifax’s best wares. And if a distillery isn’t your thing, a few hundred metres in either direction will present a cidery and a brewery as well as bakeries, local stores and more restaurants than you’ll know what to do with.