Here Is The BEEcosystem

Are you looking to return to your outdoor roots but can’t imagine leaving the bustling downtown buzz of Halifax? Or maybe you long for the simplicity of a cozy-country cottage but won’t sacrifice the conveniences your two-bedroom condo offers? Well, good news. Now you can have it ‘all’. Well, not everything. Though you can now purchase an indoor beehive if you so desire. Enter The BEEcosystem.

The BEEcosystem is an observation bee colony that you can safely mount on your living room wall. It’s a piece of art and a bee colony. Isn’t that wild? I’ll let that set in for a second.


In your living room.

Yes, 2018 has brought bees in your living room. These wooden wall-mounted hexagonal beehives serve many purposes. One; it provides a home for a colony of bees. This indoor beehive place for them to lay their head after a busy day of pollinating flowers and plants, safe from the dangers of the outside world. Two; you get a sweet living piece of art to show to all of your friends. Three; it acts as a 24/7 soft ambient buzzing noise that lasts for 365. Four; it’s your own personal honey factory. Is that enough reasons?

Why bees though? Why not fish?

It’s no question that bees have seen better days. Along with all the google hits about bees dying, there are 50% fewer beehives than there were 60 years ago. And every year, one in three beehives ceases to exist due to colony collapse disorder. It’s a crazy conundrum that people can’t really figure. But rather than waste words writing about it, here’s a quick video that dives deeper into the problems bees are currently facing.

So How Does The BEEcosystem help?

What BEEcosystems do is help solve the problem of rapidly-declining bee populations. By installing a BEEcosystems, you provide a home for more bees in your neighbourhood, which leads to an increase in flower pollination while contributing to the genetic gene pool of local bee populations.

The installation of a BEEcosystem is simple. The hexagonal beehives easily attach to any wall through simple latches. BEEcosystems come with special window attachments which allow them to travel through the PVC tube and through your window. This lets them come and go as they please while keeping them out of your house. The unit construction has multiple built-in fail-safes to make sure no bees escape inside your home, including spring-loaded clasps. As your colony grows in numbers, you can add more units to provide additional colony space, making this a great addition to a modular living space.

But wait, where do you buy the bees?

In terms of buying bees, you start with a ‘nuc’ colony which arrives in a box. This consists of roughly ten thousand bees and one queen and is available directly from local beekeepers. When you have both your BEEcosystem and bees, they are easily transferable from their ’nuc’ box into the permanent unit. From there, all you need to do is hang your new colony on a wall.

Once the unit is full of bees and on a wall, the fun begins. You can now act as the guardian and demi-god to thousands and thousands of little creatures, all from the comfort of your couch. Isn’t technology amazing?

You can learn more or purchase a Beecosystem here.