Halifax And The Banff International Film Festival: What You Need To Know

After a 9-day epic festival full of stories, films, and books, the Banff International Film Festival is on the road. On January 17th and 18th, it’s Halifax’s turn to see some of the hottest outdoor and adventure films of the year. For two days at the Spatz Theatre, attendees will see over 30 short films from filmmakers, producers, and athletes from all over the world.

We’ve pulled our picks of films to check out!

Click on the images to watch the film’s trailer.


Jon Wilson in the film Ascend

The short film ascend featuring Jon Wilson

Straight out of college, Jon Wilson lost his left leg to a rare form of cancer. This 7-minute film explores his relationship with mountain biking and how it helps provide perspective in his life.

2.5 Million

Aaron Rice in the film, '2.5 million feet'.

Aaron Rice talks about his goal of skiing 2.5 million feet.

Aaron Rice has one goal. Ski 2.5 million feet. Self-propelled. In one year. Self-propelled skiing if you didn’t know, means hiking up hills and mountains before skiing down. This means no chairlifts, gondolas, or t-bars. Just two legs!

Breaking 60

The skyline of Hong Kong in the film, 'Breaking 60'

The skyline of Hong Kong in the film, ‘Breaking 60’

If you ever wanted to dive into the mind of an ultrarunner, this is your chance. Breaking 60 follows four runners attempting to run Hong Kong’s Four Trails in just 60 hours. The film details the five months leading up to, as well as the 298km run, and how each different athlete handles the intense mental and physical challenge.

Into Twin Galaxies — A Greenland Epic

A shot from the film, 'Into Twin Galaxies'

Erik Boomer, Sarah Macnair Landry, and Ben Stookesbury explore Greendland in ‘Into Twin Galaxies’

This might be the craziest film you see all year. Imagine you and two pals decide to go kayaking on the world’s most northern river. Erik Boomer, Sarah Macnair Landry, and Ben Stookesbury did just that. After kite skiing 1000km (with their kayaks), they follow a labyrinth of rivers and crevasses in attempt to reach the Arctic Ocean.