The Sun Is Out. You Should Be Too

Directions to Hirtles Beach (above) can be found here.


People who live in a beautiful place like Nova Scotia take it for granted. With the natural beauty we can access and trendy lifestyle we can live, keeping a pulse on what’s trending Halifax is no small task. You might opt the path of least resistance, one which leads to Netflix binging on Saturday afternoon or merely sticking to a routine, both which help avoid the disappointment, wasted time, and down-right unfamiliarity that comes with trying something new.

Let’s be honest for a second – we live in a special place. Our ability to access trails, beaches, parks, skylines, sunrises, and sunsets whenever we want, is something that many Canadians don’t have at their fingertips. Whether it’s a jog through Shubie Park, a hiking Long Lake, wandering Point Pleasant, or a beach day at Rainbow Haven, you can’t argue against these healthy and scenic alternatives to staring at screen.

Often overlooked is the sheer accessibility of these natural beauties. There hardly is ever traffic and it is a rarity to not find parking. The same goes when it comes to local talent; Halifax and Dartmouth, and surrounding communities are hotbeds for unique entertainers and curators. You don’t need to travel to access premier music, theatre, and art, all which benefit from continuous fanfare from patrons throughout the year.

We all know that long days of hard work breed lazy days at home. However there will never be a replacement to seeing something live and sharing real interactions with people, both new and familiar. If a small hurdle to leaving the house is knowing what’s available in our cities, communities, and towns, then sign up for updates on events, goings-on and activities throughout the HRM.