Best Beaches Around Halifax

Summertime in Halifax and the living is easy. Whether it is walking the waterfront, lounging on the Commons or having a drink at a beer garden, Halifax caters to all. When you are ready to escape the city, we’ve pulled seven beaches in the vicinity to Halifax to visit. Pack the cooler, slap on the ’screen and get in the car! It’s beach time.

 Bayswater Beach in Nova Scotia

Hot August Afternoon at Bayswater Beach in Nova Scotia

Bayswater BeachLocated on the Aspotagen Peninsula, Bayswater is a great spot for families to escape the crowds of popular HRM beaches while not sacrificing the amenities of a larger destination. Complete with lifeguards, bathrooms and barbecue pits, Bayswater will let swimmers enjoy the brisk Atlantic, under supervision while warm hot dogs are close to shore.

Conrad’s Beach — From its parking lot, take the boardwalk all the way to the water. As you’re walking, keep an eye open for piping plovers, the beneficiaries of the artificial path. Long stretches of white sand, Caribbean blue water, and fewer crowds than other beaches in the HRM are all reasons why this is a best-kept secret. If you’re up for an adventure, take a walk to the abandoned wharf towards the left side of the beach. Take caution as that area will be submerged come high tide.

Crystal Crescent Beach in Nova Scotia, Canada

The white sand of Crystal Crescent Beach in Nova Scotia, Canada

Crystal Crescent Beach —Are you craving a ’nakation’ (naked vacation)? Look no further than Crystal Crescent on the Sambro Peninsula. Three coves make this Halifax landmark, with the first two requiring clothes and the third being ’lax on the requirement. If you’re ready to become one with your body and the ocean, Crystal Crescent is ready for you. Nearby you’ll find hikes that snake the coastline along the ocean, featuring the iconic smooth Nova Scotia granite.

McNabs Island Beach — Located in the heart of Halifax Harbour, McNabs Island offers hiking, a national historic site, and camping. Unknown to Haligonian’s and visitors alike, the island features beaches all along the coast. Unless you’re hiring a water taxi, the only way to access the island is via ferry from Fisherman’s Cove. When on the island, we recommend the beach in MacNab’s Cove, which provides a spot to view the boat traffic in the harbour

Rainbow Haven — Rainbow Haven is Halifax’s go-to beach destination and rightfully so. Rainbow Haven features 500m of wheelchair-accessible white sand and crystal clear water. It comes complete with lifeguard supervision and canteen services, so beachgoers can spend the whole day in the sand worry free.

A quiet day at the beach in St. Margaret's Bay

Queensland Beach — Situated in the heart of St. Margaret’s Bay, Queensland is a favourite on the South Shore. Due to the geography, its waves are ideal for skim boarding, boogie boarding and body surfing. Space is always a premium due to the layout of the beach so be sure to arrive early! When you are all beached out, head down the road to Hubbards for lobster and a show at The Shore Club.

Cleveland BeachThis is a local secret. Though only minutes away from Queensland, Cleveland somehow manages to avoid the crowds of visitors like many beaches in the region experience every summer. Skip the lines and drive here instead to enjoy white sand and rolling waves. August and September are the best times to visit, as St. Margaret’s Bay will be at its warmest.